Sunday, December 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

The weekend before Christmas is always a busy one for us. No matter how many times mom and I swear we will do things earlier, it never gets done. But that is what makes us, us. It used to drive my father nuts beause we would sae everything for the last minute, like cleaning the house for company or getting a paper done for school. It was fun to watch the veins in his forehead expand and it is just one of the many things I miss about having him around for the holidays.

So our weekend started off on Friday with a trip a few towns over with my grandmother to help her shop for my younger cousins. She has seven grandchildren to buy for, me being the oldest at 25 then we have my cosuin J at 25, M at 22, P at 8, H at 5, W at 3, and V 18 months. Quite an age gap there. We are all close even though the younger ones live one state over and we do not get to see them very often. My grandma asked for my help since she has no clue what young kids like anymore. She is 90, bless her heart, and still plays golf and bridge every week. So off to Walmart we went and we got a lot of great stuff for them.

It is always tradtion with my Grandma that if we go out shopping we of course have to stop for lunch. I of course never object, as eating out is a favorite pastime of mine. We stopped at our favorite diner before heading to Target to get a few more Christmas presents.

Saturday was spent cleaning and getting ready to put up our tree and other decorations. It is such a task every year to clean because we seem to accumulate a ton of stuff in our living room all year long. Don't know where to put something, put it in the living room. So it takes a while to get everything reorganized and back to its rightful place. The tree will go up tomorrow (monday) and it will officially feel like Christmas.

Sunday was supposed to be candy and chocolate making day for my grandma, mom, and I but I woke up with a bad cold so I sat this year out. Mom and Grandma made some wonderful chocolates like monkey munch, peppermint bark, and nut clusters. I stayed home and watched a "Law and Order: SVU" marathon on the USA network in between napping off my benedryl.

I am looking forward to the coming week and spending time with the people I love the most in the world.

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