Thursday, August 4, 2011

26 things about me....

1. I am obsessed with lip gloss/lip balm. I have tubes of it everywhere in our house and my car. I can not leave home without it.

2. I can go days without ever using my cellphone. As a young person I feel like I should be attatched to it 24/7 but I am not.

3. I am a homebody. I do love getting together with friends but I would rather have a low key night rather than go out to the clubs.

4. I love politics. I watch CNN, MSNBC, C-Span, and C-Span 2 pretty regularly. My dream job is wanting to be a political journalist.

5. I love to write. I write short stories, children's books, and poems all the time. I have a compostition notebook full of ideas and I just keep adding to them.

6. I love all things Disney. They are some of my absolute favorite movies and I can watch them over and over again without getting bored.

7. I love watching old black and white films. I love anything by the Marx Brothers and put Casablanca and His Girl Friday at the top of my favorite movies list.

8. I can not play video games to save my life. I am okay at the few Nintendo DS games I have but anything else I suck at.

9. I am a music hoarder. I love music, almost all kinds (no rap or heavy metal). I have shelves full of cds and records.

10. I am the same way with books. They have completely taken over all the empty spaces in my room. I love anything from the classics to contemporary authors.

11. I am weird and love doing laundry and handwashing dishes. I have no clue why but I love these two chores.

12. I buy a t-shirt everytime I go someplace new. I find them to be the perfect souvenier and wear them a lot to school and around town. I have accumulated quite a few. My favorite is one from Paula Deen's restuarant The Lady and Sons, that has a chicken on the back with the phrase "tastes like butter".

13. My cousin, Melinda, is one of my best friends in the entire world and I do not tell her that often enough.

14. I have come to a realization that I will never be a size two but that I want to be as healthy as I can be. I have lost 40lbs since January and gone down 3 pant sizes. This is the only body I get so I want it to look good and last awhile.

15. I miss my dance class days. Those girls were the best friends a gal could ask for and never judged me for being pudgier.

16. I am still very angry about the people who fired me from my last job. There was something weird going on at that company and the reason they got rid of me was ridiculous. But I am grateful for the friends I made there and the job skills I learned.

17. My first real rock concert was in 2005 when I was 20 years old. I went to Bon Jovi's Have a Nice Day Tour, and even though they looked like tiny ants on the stage it was the best experience of my life.

18. I have never truly been in love. I have loved people, but have never been IN love with them.

19. I can not draw to save my life. It always sucked growing up because my mom is an amazing artists, although I can do math in my head quicker than she can.

20. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. It was really bad during my high school years and for the most part has subsided recently. It will still creep up on my if I am super stressed out.

21. I have very curly, very frizzy hair that only recently have I learned to control. I grew up hating my hating my hair and always wanted to change it. Now that I have learned to control it I would not change it for the world.

22. I am not very good at arts and crafts, expect scrapbooking.

23. I can recite every single line from the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies

24. I have a huge crush on Russell Brand and am not afraid to admit it.

25. Growing up my nickname was "Snow White" since I had very dark hair, rosy cheeks, and bright red lips.

26. I do not regret anything from my life as each moment, both good and bad, have helped shape who I am today.

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