Thursday, February 16, 2012

Since I've Been Gone....

I really suck for not keeping up with my blog more. But life has become busy and frustrating lately.

Unfortunately I am still unemployed. I have had a few job interviews, but when over 200 people apply for one part-time postion, it is hard to get a job. Also my former employer has been badmouthing me to potential employers so I am trying to deal with that. I have not given up hope at all of finding a job. I need one desperately so that I can finish school and I know there is one out there for me somewhere. (PS if you know where let me know, lol)

Everyone is in good health. Mom had a scare a few weeks ago with some muscle weakness in her hips and was having trouble walking. They determined it was a fibromyalgia flare up and readjusted her medicine accordingly. I have been doing pretty well too. With the abnormally warmer weather we have been having this winter, I have not gotten as sick as I have in winters past.

I have begun to coupon more in hopes to save us some more money. In the span of two months I have saved $400 in coupons and have a full bathroom closet. We have enough body wash, shaving cream, razors, pain medication, cold medicine, etc to last for quite a while which will help bring our monthly costs down. I may have gone a bit crazy at the beggining but I have slowly come down to Earth and am now only buying what we truly need. I am however not allowed to bring home anymore hair color because I have enough to last for 1 year, lol.

I hope to write on here more. It is cheaper than therapy and helps get out my frustrations.

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