Sunday, January 23, 2011

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar

I have a confession to make. I know that he will never read this as I have not told any friends about this so I feel safe in confessing. I am in love with one of my closest friends. He has no knowledge of this that I know of. I have been in love with him for many years and have never been able to find the right way to tell him. I have known him for pratically my entire life. His younger sister is my best friend from childhood and he has always been there for me. He protected me from bullies in school, made sure I made it safely to the bus every morning in Middle school, and held me when as I cried when my grandfather died. When my dad died he was there for me and sent the sweetest card. My dad loved him like a son and it was nice to see that the feeling was mutual.

So since we have both been busy lately, we have not really caught up in the past couple of weeks. Tonight I logged onto facebook and saw he had changed his status to in a relationship. It broke my heart. I know I have no claim to him in that way but I feel like it is too late regardless. He will never see me as anything more than just a friend.

Of course his new girlfriend is beautiful and thin, two things I am not. I want to be so happy for him but it hurts.

So as Taylor Swift's song says "He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar. The only one who's got enough of me to break to my heart"

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